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Server Setup Check

Having some trouble with the items shown in red below? Click here for troubleshooting instructions.

Required Settings

Item Current Setting
PHP Version >= 5.1.6 Yes
- ZLib Compression Support Yes
- XML support Yes
- MySQL Support Yes
MB language is default Yes
MB string overload off Yes
configuration.php Writable Yes

Optional Settings

Item Recommended Setting Current Setting
Safe Mode No No
Display Errors No Yes
File Uploads Yes Yes
Magic Quotes Runtime No No
Register Globals No No
Output Buffering No No
Session auto start No No


Item Current Setting
Temporary Directory
Logs Directory
Cache Directories


You are using a server with PHP 5.3, outputting errors to the browser and reporting Strict Standards warnings. This combination does not allow Joomla! and its extensions to run properly. Most likely, you are using a WAMPServer, XAMPP or similar environment released after January 2011. You have the following options:

  1. Edit your php.ini file and change the following lines:


    and restart your server. Do note that some Joomla! extensions will still not work.

  2. Install Zend Server CE with PHP 5.2, XAMPP 1.6.4 or any other server environment with PHP 5.2 (strongly recommended)

If you choose to ignore this warning and continue, you will be on your own. Do not ask for support. All the post-restoration problems you will experience are not Akeeba Backup's fault and you have been strongly warned.